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Anti-Racism Initiative (ARI)

multiracial youth, istock imageSolid Ground is committed to addressing institutional racism in our organization and in our community. This work is integral to our mission and we deeply examine the ways institutional racism impacts our organization and our clients.

Over half of the people we serve are people of color. Many of the barriers they face are a direct result of institutional racism: housing discrimination, benefits denied to immigrants, predatory lending, etc.

We challenge racism internally first by naming it and talking about it with our staff. We educate ourselves about what institutional racism is and how we can work to undo it. We strive to increase the representation of people of color on our staff and Board. We critically evaluate the cultural competency of our services and assess the impact of our efforts to improve them.

We also work to educate the broader community through Anti-Racism Events and by promoting anti-racism work with other area nonprofit organizations

ARI Work Groups

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Solid Ground convenes multiple staff anti-racism committees, work groups and caucuses intended to institutionalize ARI values in our workplace and further our efforts to become an anti-racist organization. They include:

  • Anti-Racism Action Teams: Each Solid Ground department has an Action Team to develop and move toward anti-racism goals relevant to each department’s work plan. An agency-wide Action Team with representatives from each department meets monthly to develop and move toward overarching agency anti-racism goals, and to support departments’ movement toward achieving their own Action Team goals.

  • ARC (Anti-Racism Committee): This group is open to all Solid Ground staff, and creates a space for all to come together, build community, and dialogue around race and social justice issues that impact our staff and the communities that we serve.

  • Caucuses & Affinity Groups: Various staff-organized groups help us work on aspects of undoing racism specific to our cultural identities. Some groups meet monthly, others as needed. Groups include: POC (People of Color) Group, Undoing Racism White Caucus (primarily white staff, but open to all), Black Affinity Group, Latina/o Affinity Group, Multi-Racial Affinity Group and Immigrant Identity Affinity Group.

  • Work Groups: Solid Ground convenes staff work groups to develop policies and procedures that strive to make our agency a more equitable place to receive and provide services. Examples include the Language Access Task Force, Career Development Committee and ARI Job Description/Evaluation Committee.

ARI Mission & Vision

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Mission: Solid Ground’s Anti-Racism Initiative works to undo racism by identifying and addressing institutional practices and policies that are barriers to the full participation of people of color in our society. We work to address racism in our own organization as well as in the broader community in the following ways:

  • Be accountable to our clients, our staff and our community.
  • Provide leadership within our agency to ensure that our policies, procedures and practices are not barriers to hiring or providing services for people of color.
  • Support efforts to undo institutional racism throughout our community.
  • Ensure that the people we serve are active participants in our policy development and decision-making.

Vision: Solid Ground's Anti-Racism Initiative is grounded in the understanding that racism perpetuates poverty, and that to end poverty we must eliminate racism. We challenge ourselves to understand and dismantle institutional racism, internalized oppressions and the dominance of white culture so that we can make our agency and the systems within which it works accountable to the people we serve. We work together within the broader community to build an equitable, multicultural community with access and power for all. 

More Information

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  • Solid Ground's Anti-Racism Accountability Standards

  • Undoing Racism Principles: Developed by the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, these principles lie at the foundation of Solid Ground's Anti-Racism Initiative.

  • The Crosspoint: A collection of links in the fields of Human Rights, Anti-Racism, Refugees, Women's Rights, Anti-fascism, Shoah, etc.

  • RacismReview: Thoughts on racism, culture, society, politics. This blog is intended to provide a credible and reliable source of information for journalists, students and members of the general public seeking solid evidence-based research and analysis of “race," racism, ethnicity and immigration issues, especially as they undergird and shape U.S. society within a global setting.

Contact Us

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Anti-Racism Initiative (ARI)
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