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Penny Harvest (program closed)

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  Maple School's Penny Harvest Youth Roundtable, May 2008 (photo by Liz Reed Hawk)

July 1, 2014: Solid Ground has made the difficult decision to discontinue the Penny Harvest Program at Solid Ground after the 2013/14 school year.

Since 1992, Penny Harvest has offered a powerful and meaningful experience to thousands of students and families at schools across King County. Since 2006, over 100,000 students (including 5,716 student leaders) have raised $400,000 and made grants to 331 unique organizations. Solid Ground and Penny Harvest’s parent organization, Common Cents, are working together to find a new regional sponsor where the program can continue its positive impact in our community. 

This short video clip from MSNBC's 5/19/12 Melissa Harris-Perry
show features Penny Harvest's then 13-year-old Quinn Smart:

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Philanthropy for Social Justice: This addendum to the Penny Harvest Curriculum for Penny Harvest Coaches and educators was created by Penny Harvest Seattle staff.

Penny Harvest in the News

Check out our Penny Harvest video!

This Penny Harvest video was made by a local school,
Adams Elementary!


And one more: Adams Elementary School Kicks off
Penny Harvest 09/10.


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